Week 2

12 May

Hello everyone!

What a crazy second week it has been. I am looking at my time limit and wondering how I could possibly say it all, so I guess here it goes!

A funny thing that happened this week: I realized that the deodorant I brought is girl deodorant. “Secret” brand, which I guess is intended for feminine use. I don’t care, though, because it works better than any other deodorant I’ve ever used; not once have I smelled, even after a long day with a service activity and gym time.

Well, last Thursday I went into the doctor because my eyes were pretty fuzzy. They did a quick vision test and then shined a light brighter than the sun in my eyes; after that the doctor interrogated me about why I’ve never gone in to see an optometrist. Although I told him that most of my blurry vision had developed only over the last four days, he still looked at me and said “And you waited until you got here to have your eyes checked?” Anyway, story is that I need glasses. Last one in my family, dang, and I thought I could get away without it. But to no avail. I’m going to see the optometrist this afternoon, so I’ll let you know what happened next week.

Unfortunately, my companion, Elder Gwynn, has been quite sick this week. It was essentially a cold, but somehow had enough potency to pretty much put him out of the water for a couple days. I found out what a trial it is to have a sick companion; you have to stay together, so I couldn’t go to class, and I’m supposed to be studying but the room was dark so he could sleep and days are long when you just sit in one room. It was also a mess with the missionary leadership. We stayed home from sacrament meeting on Sunday and the Zone Leaders came barging into our room and got on our case for not talking to the Branch President to get permission to stay home and such. So we got dressed up and had an interview with the Branch Pres. Then the next day we had to go to class until the teacher sent us to the doctor to get permission to stay home. We got through it though, and he’s doing pretty well today… although my throat has been starting to itch. :P

Man, I’m running out of time. The coolest thing to happen this week happened last night. Elder Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke at our weekly fireside. He spoke with the energy and fervor of a bear, and with the tenderness of a caring parent. It was amazing to see his conviction and his love, his rigidness and his kindness in one address. I loved hearing from him.

Lastly, everyone trying to get into Mexico is having a hard time with their visas. I met an elder two days ago who’s been here 11 weeks because his visa hasn’t come through. Two elders in my zone are pretty much praying for visas today because they’re supposed to leave next week, and some elders were sent to California last week because of their extended visa delay. Hopefully this is not a problem for me!

I love you all and testify of the truth of this work. This *is* God’s church, and His word is here for us in the latter-days if we will only read and study what we’ve been given.

Love yall!

Elder Speer


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