Week 5

2 Jun

Hello, everyone!

Time is flying very, very fast here. It’s the second of June today — something I can hardly believe. Today marks my fifth week in the mission field. Scaary.

Spanish is coming along well. I can teach, testify, pray, give talks, and otherwise communicate in the language. My vocabulary is very small, but they teach us quickly how to use what we have. It’s interesting when you have a limited word base to see what you can come up with; for example, last week an ‘investigator’ asked me who gets to have the priesthood. I explained that it was ‘a good man in the church who is’ and then had to stop because I couldn’t think of the word for worthy. I turned to Elder Gwynn and he shrugged and said ‘puro,’ which means pure. Every day I’m surprised by how much we really can communicate. That said, there is still much, much more to learn.

Once again, I am sorry because I am unable to send pictures. The computers here are quite restrictive and I cannot email them. On the other hand, I can have them printed then send them; right now I don’t have any pics in glasses though. I’ll work on that.

Ahh. Visas. I know now many, many elders who have been delayed. Two elders in my zone have been here 12 weeks, I know three elders in another zone who have been here for 14 or 15, and the district in my zone that is supposed to go out this coming Monday is all Mexico– six elders– and none of them have a visa. We’ll see what happens I guess. I should get travel plans in a week or two and I’m supposed to leave in three and a half.

The snow we had a couple weeks ago reminded me of you, Alene and Tyler! Happy fifth anniversary again. Remember how it snowed right before your wedding day? :P

Hmm… what more? To be honest, the routine here is very very symmetric. Not a lot happens that is out of the ordinary, except of course for the day to day growth and insights we receive. One elder here, Elder Cummings, has a girlfriend who asked what she can do to be on a similar schedule and be alongside him. He replied, focus on the Spirit and the work of the Lord for 16 hours a day. :) If anyone has any specific questions, let me know and I’ll address them next week. I love you all and wish you the best.

Elder Speer


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