14 July 2010.

14 Jul

Subject: 14 July 2010.

Hello, everyone!

This is gonna have to be super-quick! Yes, I’m in Provo (I’ll let you know when that changes). I don’t know anything new about that, but you’ll know when I know.

Here’s a little trivia: Did you know there’s a JST in the Book of Mormon?! During one of the Isaiah chapters, in the footnotes. 1 Nephi 21:24-25.

We had a cool devotional on Sunday with Jenny Oaks Baker, violinist and daughter of Dallin H. Oaks. He was there, along with Jared Oaks (Men’s Chorus accompanist), who played the piano for Sister Baker. It was really neat to have them here, especially to get the musical testimony that I miss so much while here at the MTC without music.

Also, Steve Durtschi and Cory Mendenhall have been playing the organ for our devotionals, which is way cool because I know them from BYU!

Last thing. We had to change teachers this week because we’ve been delayed so long that our teachers got a new district. I think we’re all pretty sad about this, but it’s fine because we should be leaving soon (we hope!).

I love you all, and think of you all the time. Be safe, and we’ll talk next week.


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