21 July 2010.

21 Jul

Hello, everyone!

Well, I have some good news this week. I went to the Mexican Consulate yesterday in Salt Lake City and signed for my visa. We did fingerprints and pictures, too. This is one more step in me getting to MX, and is a good sign because it means I’ll probably leave in 1-2 weeks. No one really knows for sure, but that seems to be pretty usual.

I have a couple funny things about Spanish words to share. If you’re a female, you might want to skip this paragraph. :) The first thing is the word ‘casado,’ which means married. A closely related word, however, is ‘cansado,’ which means tired. Same thing, right? Another one that made me laugh is the word for spouse. An Esposo is a husband, an Esposa is a wife, but oddly enough, ‘esposas’ are handcuffs. So we’ve been having a good laugh about that. The last thing that makes us laugh occasionally is the masuclinity/femininity of words. Of course, if it’s an object, it doesn’t really mean anything whether it’s masucline or feminine, but being of English heritage, I still can’t help but laugh that the word ‘temptations’ is feminine! ;)

I found a penny here from 1931. I had Megan do some research to see if the penny was worth anything, and found out that it could be worth anywhere from .75-$150. After examining the penny, I’ve determined that it’s worth about two dollars. Darn.

Well, my companions have changed once again. Today is the month mark for Elder Gwynn in Paraguay, and Elder Forbush left on a temporary assignment this morning to NYC. So now I’m out of a ‘tripanionship’ and in a regular companionship with Elder Barnett, whose been my companion for about three weeks now. We’re having a great time, and are more similar than we realize, most times. He’s from Bountiful.

Also, I saw Brother Heiner at the MTC. He’s working in the development branch for missionary materials, if I remember right.

I hope all of you are doing well. I’ll let you know next Wednesday when I’ll be leaving (assuming I know by then). Love you all.


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