28 July 2010.

28 Jul

Today is my three month mark. It is exciting for a different reason, though, and that is that I leave tomorrow! I’ll be in Mexico by 7pm Utah time, and shortly thereafter be speaking Spanish like crazy!

I’m so excited. Being delayed was hard at first, especially having to change classrooms, companions, and teachers so much. Now we all see it as such a blessing; we’ve learned more, are better prepared, and are even more excited to get out and begin the work.

I’m not positive when I’ll be writing next; I imagine sometime in the next week and a half. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with plenty of stories in that time!

Most importantly, I know that this gospel is true. The thing we study most here at the MTC is the true doctrine of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been stated multiple times in the Book of Mormon, and was outlined by Joseph Smith as being Faith in the Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. When we accept Christ and apply His Gospel in our lives, we become His children, and are able to live with Him, the Eternal Father, and our families for the rest of eternity. I know that this is true, and that the power of that testimony comes only through personal witnesses received from the Holy Ghost. The way to receive these witnesses is simply through sincere prayer, fasting, studying of the Book of Mormon and other scripture, and attending church. I know that because it is how I received my own testimony.

May God be with you all.


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