2 agosto 2010

2 Aug

Subject: 2 agosto 2010

Hello, All!

I’m going to try to write this in English with a Spanish keyboard… we’ll see how it goes! Please forgive me for my modified grammar– they don’t seem to use semicolons or anything.

Well, I’m in Mexico. I made it here. Thursday morning I flew to Vegas and then to Mexico City. We had to get through customs, of course, and after that we went to the mission office, an hour from the airport.

The city here is absolutely huge. There are people everywhere. House, house, house, restauraunt, house house house– as far as you can see with your eyes. It’s crazy.

On Friday, we got up and went to the President’s house. We took pictures there (they don’t appear to send at all, I don’t know what the problem is) and ate worms. Yes, a worm.. ”to prepare us for the food out there”, haha. We talked a lot, and were interviewed by the president and sent off to our various places.

I went to Querétaro. Querétaro is a city within a state named Querétaro, some hours away from the airport and DF, Distrito Federal. In fact, if you pull up your google maps and find Querétaro, you’ll know more about it than I do. The assistants to the President put me on a bus and told me to get off in Qro, so I don’t know what direction it is or anything. I only know that I’m in an internet café close to the capilla (chapel).

My new companion, Élder Arredondo, is wonderful. He doesn’t speak English, and I don’t really speak a lot of Spanish, so we’re having a lot of fun. I keep pestering him with more and more questions, what does this mean, what does that mean… I think he’s about sick of it, haha. We get along real well though– from what we can communicate. :P

We’ve had to open up the area anew, it seems. In reality, no, but simply because no one has been here for a month while they were waiting for us to show up. It’s been fun meeting people, making new contacts and taking new steps.

The members here are wonderful, and show so much love. We don’t eat a big dinner here, like we do in the states. Breakfast is small, if we eat it, lunch is at about 2:00 and we eat a lot of it, and dinner is a late snack when we get home, so usually about nine.

The people we’ve been teaching are wonderful. We had one sister that was going to be baptised yesterday. She has questions up the wazoo!! One question she asked yesterday is if the Dinosaurios were around with Adam and Eve. Another was about how she heard in Sunday School that Lucifer was in the Preexistence. There were many others, believe me… We tried to explain that misioneros enseñan doctrinas basicas (we teach basic doctrine) and that she was asking about doctrinas profundas. Nevertheless, we answered all her questions, and helped her set a meta (goal) to be baptised in two more weeks. She’s ready for baptism, but doesn’t realize it.

We were walking down the calle (street) yesterday, and a lady came running out of her house: ¡Una Rata! ¡Una Rata! (a mouse). She wanted us to help her catch and dispose of the mouse, so we did so, then afterward told her who we were and such. She invited us to share our message, so we began to teach. It wasn’t long before we realized that she believed in all religions, chakras, karmas, books about finding your inner self, and all. I teased that she must be Ba’chai (I did tell that story, right?). Anyway, she and her sons were very hard to talk to about religion because they would believe everything she said, and also everything anyone else said. Today we taught authority, commandments, prophets, and the restoration to try and help her grasp that there is one God, one church, and such. The Spirit was really strong, and if they will read and pray, they’ll know. The sister is going to come to church with us on Sunday.

Alright, well I’m going to go for today. I love you all, think of you often, and can’t wait to tell more stories next week. Hope you all are well.

Love, Elder Speer


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