9 agosto 2010.

9 Aug

Dear family and friends,

I’ve just finished what was kind of like a regular full week in México. Things still haven’t really all evened out, and I think I’ve just accustomed myself to going with the swing of things. We had a Capacitación (training meeting) in the mission office this past Wednesday and Thursday; the topics came right from Preach My Gospel, so it was nothing different, just emphasis on important things.

México is proving to be a beautiful place. The construction style is completely different here, but the weather is nice and there are rolling green hills. Everyone keeps asking me ¿Cómo le aparece México? and I keep telling them that its great and I love it. Also, everyone here seems to think the food is drastically different. At least in Querétaro, the mexican food is no different than I expected, and I keep telling them you can get real mexican food in the states if you look for it.

Because the area has been kind of dormant for a month, we’ve been doing a lot of contacting. I have all the responses memorized.
If you knock on a door, you’re going to hear this every time:
Es que…. ahora estoy occupada (its that… I’m busy right now).
So we usually try and set up a return appointment:
Es que…… Trabajo todo el día, todos los días (it’s that… I work all day every day).
Usually, at this point, I’m trying to hold in a laugh because it’s quite visible that they’ve been sitting on the couch watching tv. Oh well.
When they don’t work all day every day, they don’t have a work schedule. I find this quite odd; I have yet to discover if half of Querétaro doen’t have a work schedule, or they just don’t want to admit it.
If you contact in the street, they’ll usually be quite open–until you ask their address. Es que casí no estoy (It’s that I’m almost never at home).

The truth of it is, though, that these statements help us root out those who are ready to hear the gospel. It says in the scriptures that God is preparing people, even now, to hear the message of His gospel. We just have to find the ones that are ready to receive it, and they are many.

One thing I like to tell people in the first visit, or even in the street, is that we know that God is bound when we do what He says. That every commandment brings certain blessings, and that by listening and applying our message, they can receive the blessings promised for the commandments we give them. This is something that usually catches some attention. If they do as God has commanded, He really will bless them. If you search the scriptures, you will find that there are specific blessings, often many, promised for keeping the commandments. I know of at least ten you can receive just for attending church. And as we learn from Nephi and Alma, clinging to the word of God is the way to eternal life. Study the scriptures, pray often, and attend church. These are the three basic things we invite our investigators to do as early as possible, because we know that they will strengthen their faith, bring them happiness, and build their relationship with God.

I hope that you are all well. I love you and pray for you and think on you. Have a wonderful week, and I’ll write again soon.

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