16 agosto 2010.

16 Aug

Dear family and friends,

The work is great here in México. We are having an excellent time, Elder Arredondo and I. We’ve decided that God only works by miracles here; it’s usually after a long day of contacting, knocking doors, and appointments that have fallen through that someone randomly walks up to us and says, ‘You’re the missionaries. I lost contact with you a couple months ago. Will you come by?’

Thursday, we had one of these miracles. We had an appointment at 11 and the investigator didn’t answer the door. So we shrugged and decided to tocar puertas until 12, when we had another appointment. We looked one way, and the other way, and decided to go a certain direction. We didn’t start knocking immediately; after three or four houses, we felt impressed to start knocking. A 14-year-old boy answered, invited us to come in before we told him who we were, sat us down, and got us limeade to drink. At this point, we were wondering what’s up. Elder Arredondo pointed out a picture of the family in front of the temple, and we realized we were in the home of an inactive family. We talked with the mother and son about five or ten minutes, and they agreed to come back to church. The son is being baptised this coming Saturday.

It’s amazing the way the Lord works. Sometimes I look up at the clouds after one of these experiences and say, ‘en serio?’ But that’s how things work in Querétaro.

I know that our message is true. We invite all families and people to just try following the commandments–for as it says in John 7:17, if they will but try our word, they will know of the doctrine, whether we speak of ourselves or whether the doctrine be of God. This is the Lord’s promise to everyone. If we will but try the doctrine, we will know.

I hope you are all well and happy. Take care!


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