6 septiembre 2010.

6 Sep

Dear Family.

This week has been a great week. I want to congratulate Dad, April, Alene, and Abbey on their recent birthdays; ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

A couple funny things from this week–

I still can’t drink the milk here. It has a distinct taste that is difficult for me to stomach. Getting closer, though, by using chocolate and strawberry milk powders!

They have a meat here we don’t use in the States. They call it ‘salchicha,’ and it is none other than cut up hot dogs. If you go to a sandwich stand, you can choose between the regular meats and salchicha; it’s also used in regular dinners and everything. Crazy.

I realized this week that with all the times I’m going to be reading the scriptures on my mission, I’ll finally be complying with mom’s One fiction book, One non-fiction book rule. It’ll be nice to justify 39 fiction books with just one reading of the Old Testament or 15 for every reading of the Book of Mormon.

I was knocking doors the other day and a lady opened her door. When she saw who we were, she immediately invented a pretext, like most other people, but unlike usual, hers was unique. ‘Toca muy fuerte. A mí no me gusta que toquen fuerte,’ which translated means, ‘You knock really loud. I don’t like that you knock loud.’ She then slammed the door. I laughed all the way down the street.

Today I had the privelige of hiking a mountain called la Peña de la Bernal. You could probably find a picture of it on the internet. It was way fun; although we didn’t go to the top. Apparently trying to do the rock climbing part with your bare hands is dangerous or something.

A great experience this week happened with one of our inactive members. She has a 14-year-old son we’ve been preparing for baptism, and she’s canceled his baptism for four weeks. We went up to her house on Friday to try and reschedule for this coming week and see what sort of things the family had going on. I felt, for some reason, that I shouldn’t say anything, and I told Elder Arredondo so. He’s always trying to help me progress, of course, and didn’t want to give in at first, but I told him he should do the talking. We got there, knocked on the door, said hi to every one, and I went silent. E Arredondo turned to the mom and told her that the only reason we came by was to see if they were going to be coming to church on Sunday. She said yes. They talked a little more, and once again my companion said that that was the only reason we came by. We almost left, but she said, ‘Yes, we’re going to be there. In fact, we want to have the baptism Sunday.’ We were shocked, but tried not to show it, and we put all the details in line. Then we walked out, practically rejoicing.

I know that this work is the work of God. I often tell people that there’s no way I’d come from so far to lie to them, and if they’ll just pray and read from the Book of Mormon, they’ll know the truth of our words. God cares for His children. Life isn’t going to be easy– not even close– but God cares for us, and when we rely on Him, life is infinitely sweeter. See Alma 7:11-12.


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