13 septiembre 2010.

13 Sep

Dear family and friends.

Thank you for all the love I receive in your emails and letters. I hope that all are well and that life is treating you wonderfully.

This week was nuts. (Do I say that every week?) We did a lot of splits with our zone leaders so that we could do interviews; the whole district was temporarily turned upside down while we all went to and fro and went crazy because only the leaders have phones. I didn’t hardly work with Elder Arredondo at all from Friday to Thursday of the last week, and it’s been nice to have a couple days together to settle down.

For quick reference, a mission is organized into zones. My zone has 12 people, 6 of which are in my district. Each district has a leader and each zone has two zone leaders. The zone leaders are part of my district, so one of them takes the role of district leader and the other four of us are just plain regulars. If none of that makes sense, it’s ok because it’s not really important.

A funny thing that happened this week is that we were walking through the grocery store and happened to walk past the cheese area of the deli. I wouldn’t say that all cheese here is exactly the same, but white cheese is far more common than orange. When we walked past the deli, I cracked up because all the cheese was white, pure white, and the only difference in the huge array of cheese was the size and shape of the packages.

This Wednesday and Thursday are the Independence Days of Mexico. It’s really the 16th (Thursday) but some governor put it on the 15th because it’s his birthday. 2010 is special because it marks 200 years of independence for Mexico. The bummer is that we have to be in the house at four both days; I’m going to make up for a few more fiction books.

Once again, I hope you all are doing well. I think of you often. Be safe and happy in all that you do.


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