13 Sep

Here are a few pictures from the mission so far.

218 – My MTC district. Left to right we are:
Elders Wood, Hughes, McNeil, Speer, Walker, Walker, Gwynn, Adkins, Forbush, Cummings, Barnett.

219 – Elder Gwynn, my first companion.

246 – Those who got stuck at the MTC.
Left, Elder Forbush, my second companion.
Right, Elder Barnett, my third companion.
Top, Elder Adkins
Bottom, Elder Cummings

247 – Your body is a temple, haha.

281 – Elder Arredondo, my first comp in Mexico.

315 – 7 of the 12 Elders in my zone at the (top) of Peña de la Bernal.
Left to right: Fillerup, Arredondo, Christensen, Speer, Vidal, Claudio, Nybo.

328 – The entire zone.
Elders Taylor, Claudio, Christensen, Nybo, Garrido, Arredondo, Vargas, Carillo, Fillerup, Ficachi, Vidal, Speer.


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