20 septiembre 2010.

20 Sep

Dear family and friends,

This has been a good week.

Mexican Independence Day is the 15th or 16th of September, depending on who you are. This year it was both days because everyone was so excited about the bicentennial. We couldn’t leave the house those two days, and we actually didn’t have a lot of opportunity to teach this week as a result. We have, however, had a lot of success with the time that we did have, and we’re pretty excited about how many people came to church this week.

Keep your eyes out for this Wednesday; it’s Moroni Day! The 22nd of September is the day that Moroni showed Joseph Smith where to find the gold plates. For more information, see the testimony of Joseph Smith in the introduction to the Book of Mormon.

As usual, a couple funny things from this week. First of all, Hot-N-Ready pizzas are NOT five bucks here. They don’t seem to do five dollar deals, one dollar hamburgers, or any of those sorts of deals here. I thought maybe it would still be the 50 peso pizza or the 10 peso hamburger or even 60 and 20, but no. Hot and readys are 80 pesos here, or like $6.27!!! I am outraged. :P

About the same number of people here use watches as those that are in the US. However, everyone here uses the same watch. Dad’s watch. That’s right, everyone, everyone, everyone uses that same Casio watch that Dad’s been using for years. Dad, you just got even cooler.

Last funny thing: La Gripa. The common cold here is called The Grip. When someone gets a little cold, they complain massively about having the grip and how they don’t feel good at all. If they have a little stronger cold, they wear a dust mask… I guess so they don’t communicate it. Baha.

350 – the flag Arredondo made by rubbing a coin.
361 – me eating a taco and showing off my paint. I feel like I’m in the BYU Bookstore Bag championship with that pen in my ear.
364 – my first change in MX is over. This agenda is proof that I’m working.
368 – the spider that looks just like a black widow but didn’t have an hourglass. I killed it anyway.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully. Please take care.


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