27 septiembre 2010.

1 Oct

Subject: 27 septiembre 2010.

Dear family and friends.

Usually I make a short list of fun or interesting things that happen during the week so that when I have to write this letter, I’ll know what to write. I forgot to do that this week, so hopefully I can wing it.

One interesting thing that happened is that I ALMOST got to spend a day with the mission president. He came to our district meeting and had planned to go with Elder Arredondo and I while the Assistants split up and went with the other two companionships in our district. It didn’t happen, though, because none of us had put a lot of appointments and they didn’t want to just spend the day with us knocking doors. We’re both still kind of bummed about that.

Another funny thing that happened. We were at an investigator’s house and Elder Arredondo did something that always makes me shake my head. He tried his keys in their lock, which he does quite frequently with locks all around our area. Unfortunately, he broke the lock. The rest of the day was spent looking for a locksmith that would give us a good deal, trying to make it to eat with the members that had scheduled to be with us, running back and forth, and getting it all solved.

We’ve been doing a lot of work with the ward and I’ve been getting to know the area a lot better. Changes were last week, so I have insurance that I’ll be here another five weeks at least. Everything’s going pretty well. I hope that all of you are happy as well. Please take care.


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