4 oct 2010.

4 Oct

Dear Family and Friends,

I still don’t like tamales. I thought Mom would like to know that. Although the ones made of green salsa are a little more bearable than the ones made of red salsa; overall, I always choose green.

I think there’s something I don’t understand about fruit. Are limes just unripe lemons? Or are they different fruits? Because here they call it all limón, whatever type, size, color it might be.

My first dream in Spanish was this week. They say that it means you’re really starting to learn Spanish. Elder Gwynn and I met a guy who served in Peru 30 years ago and still dreams in Spanish; I’m hoping for that.

Arredondo always finds money. It doesn’t really get me when he bends down for a peso or two, but somehow, he managed to find a 10-peso coin this week. I laughed a bunch, and about three minutes later he found another peso. We started to laugh together again, then we talked about other things for a while. Five minutes later he found a 20-peso bill. I couldn’t believe it. That’s like, finding free lunch.

Brian might laugh when he reads this. Yesterday, we were riding in a member’s car when I saw a green bug in front of us. That isn’t that strange, but the bumper sticker was. I had to look at it two or three times before it all made sense. ‘Atlanta 1996’ with a flaming torch. Wow.

This weekend was Conference Weekend. I had a blast watching three of the sessions (we couldn’t go to all of them), expecially looking for friends in the MoTab. I managed to find Steve and Corey, but I never found Nathan, Nina, or that one professor from BYU who’s name escapes me. In the priesthood session, an MTC choir sang; I didn’t recognize anyone.

Elder Arredondo and I for some reason have been asked a lot about girlfriends this week. I’m not really sure, but all the members seem to be asking. They always tell us that it’s only a couple more months till the Dear Johns, but we always laugh and say ‘I don’t think so. Not this girl.’ That’s what we all say, isn’t it? Arredondo always tells people that he wants to get married ‘bajando del avion’ (walking off the plane). When people don’t believe him, he admits that his girlfriend doesn’t like that idea, so they agreed on a week. I just smile and say ‘I think I’ll wait three months or so.’ Nada más.

I hope you are all doing well. The work is progressing wonderfully here, and I’ve been really excited. It’s easy to have a lot of energy at times when you’re having a lot of success. Take care, and always remember the words of Alma:

If you’ve had that mighty change of heart, and felt to sing the song of redeeming love, can you feel so now?

Don’t doubt what you’ve already received. I love you all.


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