18 oct 2010.

18 Oct

Dear Family and Friends,

I want you all to try this within the next week– a hot dog with a strip of bacon wrapped around it, and then adorned like a regular hot dog in a bun with mayo and ketchup and everything. The important part is the bacon. Delicious.

We were able to visit the temple this week, which was a great experience. I couldn’t actually go in (we went with investigators), but we had a great time. The MTC is right there, and so is a visitor’s center with the full size Christus and all. It was a wonderful experience, for us, and for the investigators.

There are these cool signs here on the big highways. If I remember right, it says something like this. ‘Pongase su cinturón de seguridad. Su familia le espera.’ Which is, Put on your seat belt, your family is waiting for you. I love them. Should have taken a picture, but I forgot.

A public thank you to Jill and Annette. I finally received your letters last week. Annette, I need your email address, and Jill…. well… it will take about a month before my response gets to you. Thank you so much for writing and for your love. Take care, you two.

I hope you are all doing well. I’m going to keep it short today; hopefully the photos make up for the brevity. Take care!

405 – Us with Martin and Alexis Blanco, our missionary helpers.

438 – We have to go up and down this hill twice a day. They’re building this road right now.

474 – I just love this kid. He’s got a dove on his head.

482 – Me and Junior. And another kid that just haaaad to be in the picture.

502 – Elder Arredondo and I in front of the Mexican MTC, which neither of us ever assisted.

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