8 noviembre 2010.

8 Nov

Dear Family and Friends,

An apology to mom and April– I’m going to be responding to you next week. Know that I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Ok. So. Here’s what happened.

Last Monday, we were taking Elder Arredondo to his bus to Hidalgo when my zone leader got a phone call. He talked a few things over and then turned to me to say, ‘Elder Speer, you have emergency transfers.’ He then told me that I had one day to find a house to live in, that I would be opening a new area, and that I’d be training starting on Thursday.

My new companion is Elder Gray. He’s got five months in the mission already (so it’s more like he’s training ME), but he just barely got his visa. He’s from Las Vegas, and has been serving for about two or three months in the Spokane Washington mission. So we’ve been spending the last few days trying to talk to every single person that passes us by and get them in teaching. We’re still in Querètaro, very close to my old area in fact, and we’re having a great time.

I wish you all the best, love you, hope you think of me while you’re fixing your furnace because I have a space heater at the foot of my bed, and when you’re taking your showers because I warm my water in a bucket and pour it over my head to shower.

Take care!


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