15 noviembre 2010.

15 Nov

Subject: 15 noviembre 2010.

This has been an interesting week. We’ve been running all around following reference leads to see what gives fruit and what doesn’t. I can’t honestly say I’ve done this type of work since my first month with Elder Arredondo; starting an area is something different.

There are the good moments and the sad ones, of course. The best moment this week was finding a great guy whose family lives in the US. He wanted to practice his English on us, but when he saw we were Mormons, he immediately wanted to talk about the Gospel. Rafael used to attend church in Michagan, and is excited to have found the church here in Querètaro.

A sad moment of this week was also my first time seeing a man impede his spouse. Elder Christensen went with Elder Gray last Sunday during the district work that we did and they found a great couple with a four year old girl. Elder Arredondo and I had contacted the mom in the park and she wanted to talk to us, but for whatever reason, we never went. They listened very attentively and Elder Gray and I went back last Tuesday. We arrived and gave our introductions, sat down, and the man stopped us before we could pray, telling us we’d better not waste our time and that they had talked about it as a family and weren’t interested. We resolved their concerns and committed them to pray and read from the Book of Mormon, but he wouldn’t do it. On Saturday, the dad told us not to come by again.

So there’s a little good and a little sad in all things, but the nice thing is the gospel doesn’t change, it’s still true, and we still have the chance to take it to the world. We know what we’re teaching is the truth. I have a firm testimony of that.

I wish the best to all of you. I love you and think about you often. Take care, and be safe.


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