23 Noviembre 2010

26 Nov

Dear family.

Best of love to you all. I’m sure that things are going well as most of you are preparing for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. I wish you the best of them both.

A funny thing that happened to us this week is that we had to take a bus we’d never taken before. Well, I got us on the wrong bus and we were on there for two hours getting to know Querétaro and wondering what to do.

Things have been going really well. Yesterday we got to go to the Peña de la Bernal again, so that’s why I didn’t write until this morning.

I’m just gonna send a few photos for today and call it good. Remember that I’m thinking about you and that I care about you. I know that this work is true and that’s why I’m here doing it. Take care.



516 – Goat Guts Taco
526 – E Arredondo with the famous cactus that led us to Ana.
532 – Get it? White trash.
561 – Three generations. E Arredondo is the grandpa, I’m the dad, and E Gray is my son.
577 – We put up a stand in a street marked called ‘tianguis’
581 – Birds
586 – More birds. They do this every night.
590 – E Perez and I at the Peña de la Bernal.
593 – E Gray. All cool.
612 – My view from where I climbed at the Peña. I’m holding on for dear life.
623 – A well.
625 – If you eat in excess, it can give you an ‘infarto’


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