13 diciembre 2010.

13 Dec

Dear family and friends.

Thank you so much for your love and your support. I feel so strengthened by the testimonies, love, and life experiences that you’ve shared with me.

This week was transfers, and I have for the first time been moved to a new area. I’m now in a town called Actopan in the state of Hidalgo, and my companion is Elder Mortensen. He is from Las Vegas as well and has three months less than me; we’re about on the same page in everything, except he might have me beat already in Spanish. I’ll report more on this next week, I suppose, as I only have about four hours here so far.

A fun thing that I did last week: With my district leader and his companion, we taught a young English class how to sing ‘Angels we have heard on high’ and ‘Silent night.’ It was so fun to be teaching music in English in Mexico while on a mission.

A funny thing I saw last week: We were crossing the street when we noticed that a little ways up, about six cars were honking and waiting on a big bus. I wondered why they were waiting, so I looked at the driver. He was sitting there, eating ice cream, while everyone in his bus and all the cars behind him waited.

My favorite part of the week was my last lesson with Rafael, a store owner we’ve been working with for about a month. No plans were made to meet him, we just felt like we should drop by on our way to another appointment, so we slipped in to talk. I sat down and told him that I wanted to give him one last special message before I left (I had just found out about changes). We taught about the Atonement and how Christ will always be there to comfort him. The Spirit was very strong and it was a nice way to finish off the change.

Take care, remember that I love you, and I’ll be talking again with you soon.


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