27 diciembre 2010.

3 Jan

Dear Family and friends,

Some of my Christmas season memories:

On a bus to a little pueblo, I saw an advertisement with some hilarious wrestler names: The Happy Heart, The Shade, The Little Machine.

Looking for an investigator, we ran into a lady killing chickens. She had this defeathering machine that spun the dead chickens around with all their little legs sticking up.

We met a guy whose job is to drive BMW’s to their owners. He gets in the BMW and drives it to the owner and then flies back home, and that’s his job everyday.

I got my shoes shined and they look fabulous.

We had to stop by the house at about five on the 24th. When we went in there was nothing in our street, but when we came back out ten minutes later, there was this huge toy display and blaring Christmas music.

On the 25th, the only stores open were flower shops and cake shops. I suppose for the men that forgot…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Take care and I’ll be writing you next week.


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