3 enero 2011.

3 Jan

Subject: 3 enero 2011.

Family and Friends,

This week has been nuts as I’ve gone to meetings in the State of México and done divisions with another companionship in my district. I’ve hardly worked in my own area this week; it’s refreshing to be back.

A quick story: Elder Mortensen and I went to a house of a woman that we found contacting. She let us in and we started to have a little conversation, in the which she told us that she had been talking with the missionaries before. When we asked her if she was a member, if she had been baptized, she said yes. We continued by teaching her a short lesson on the need to come to church and what blessings we gain from going each week, thinking to ask a reference when we finished. A couple of the things she said, though, gave her away. She hadn’t been baptized in the church, but was referring to her childhood baptism. We laughed at ourselves and asked if we could come back to teach her more; she came to church this week and accepted her baptismal date.

I got the package and thank you so much for it. Know that I love you all, that I’m thinking of you, and that I wish you the best of new years.


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