10 enero 2010.

10 Jan

Dear Family and Friends,

I tried out my pedometer the other day, and found out we easily walk 6-8 miles each day. Last Wednesday we walked 14 miles. Looks like we need to get in more houses!

Sounds like there’s some mandatory marriage class going on in my stake right now. Is this worldwide? They pretty much told everyone that they had to be there.

On a few occasions, I will tell people my first name. The other day we were helping an investigator with her meat store when her employee told me his name was Samuel. I of course said Hey, Mine too! The next Sunday, that investigator showed up to church. When someone asked who she came with she said she was with Samuel. Baha…

That same investigator has been awesome. Her name is Angelica, and since the first meeting she’s been having little experiences that help her know our message is true. She’s told us like three already, and says she has them every day.

Here’s some pictures from the last couple weeks. I should be able to send pictures more often now. Take care. I love you all, and I’ll write again in a week.

Elder Speer.

704 – cool sunset
712 – this scorpion almost killed me!
722 – shined my shoes
728 – ‘I feel like I’m knocking an American door.’
734 – self explanatory
735 – doorbell, but where’s the door?
753 – my awesome, handmade mexican hat.


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