24 enero 2011.

24 Jan

Subject: 24 enero 2011.

This letter is mostly dedicated to Dad.

Yesterday, I ate amaretto ice cream with almonds.

Elder Mortensen will not shave without hot water. Yesterday he heated water in a pan (we don’t have a pot) to be able to shave.

I got changed again today; training for the second time. Woohoo! Second son!

Ok, just had to get those things out. The rest is about a guy named Thomas that has been helping us out a lot lately. He’s a member that reminds me a ton of you, Dad, and I’m always cracking up at the things he does.

First thing, he drives a Spirit. It’s maroon. When we get in he reminds us not to slam the doors.

He’s pretty quiet, but that doesn’t mean he has any less character. Elder Mortensen was peeing on the side of the road while Thomas was busy. When he finished what he had to do, he went to pee about ten feet down from Elder Mortensen.

His car broke, so he got out his bicycle to ride what was probably a 1:20 ride, even though he lives next to his whole family and could easily have asked a ride (or paid 50 cents worth in american to ride the bus).

Aw man, gotta quit. I love you guys. Talk to you again soon.

800 – About a sixth of the Garcia family. There are 16 kids and a bunch of grandkids. The man with his arm in the air in the back is the father of all these descendents; their mom was downtown at the time.
782 – just a cool graffiti
791 – This hot dog shrunk!
793 – We love the teeter totter.


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