31 enero 2011.

31 Jan

Dear family,

Something funny that happened recently is that an Elder I know asked for socks for Christmas. His mom sent him like 12 pairs of socks– that were white! Whoops!

Well, I’ve been spending the last week with my new son, Elder Reyes. He’s from Guerrero, in the city where the first Mexican flag was made. I can never remember the name of his city, but it sounds like Iguana, haha. He’s a great worker, wants to be obedient, and has great insights on the work. It’s been a pleasure to be with him.

The work is moving along well. We’re working with Claudia, who unfortunately has a coffee addiction, Tania, who needs to get married, and with Mari, who needs help with her spouse. The nice thing about being a missionary is that it’s all about helping. Helping people reach eternal salvation and the sweet happiness of a forever family. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they come to love the gospel. It is one of the most wonderful feeling to see someone else realize what it can do in their lives.

The gospel continues being true. God is still God. Christ is still our Savior. Thank goodness we have at least a few constant things to look toward in this world that is constantly changing. Take care, I love you guys.

808 – Muffler tree.
814 – My second kid.
815 – I just loved this.


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