7 february 2011.

7 Feb

Dear family and friends,

This week I finally got what every missionary wants– an awesome, non-religious mission story. You know, like going to jail or getting lost on an island, or having to work on a boat for your passage to your mission (or all of the above and then some if your name is Groberg).

Usually these stories cannot be told until a missionary returns home, because they strike fear in the hearts of mothers who send their missionaries on missions. My mom is fearless however (plus this story isn’t really dangerous), so I’ll tell it now.

So we were late to get somewhere and we had to take a shortcut through the middle of a bunch of fields. We’d never gone down there, so we asked for some help and a lady told us that we had to walk in one direction until we came to a bridge. I didn’t want to go in that direction, however, so we walked straight toward the irrigation canal to see if it could be jumped. We came to the ditch and it was quite narrow, about four feet. I said we were going to jump it and my comp, a new guy straight from the Mexican MTC said he didn’t want to because he was worried about falling. So we walked a little further down to where we thought we saw some rocks, and where the ditch wided out to about 8-10 feet. When we got there, it was really just garbage… but I figured that if there was garbage it must be because there were rocks or branches underneath and it was probably solid enough to cross. I put one step forward, and it was firm. The second step was a little softer. The third a little softer. So I said what the heck, I’ll just go fast and ran across. I got about one step after the soft spot when my whole leg sunk into the water and a terrible smell filled my nose, but as I was running I quickly got back out on the other side without getting my right leg wet.

Another missionary (we were in trio at the time) said, ‘So, do we cross?’ and I said to him, ‘No. It’s crap, Elder.’ That was when I learned that here they do all their irrigation with black water. Also I touched some plant that made my arm break out into big hives. Next week I’ll try and send the pic of one poopy arm, one hivey arm, and my goofy grin. This week it’s just the gross shoes and another one of me with some awesome members that own a taco place (guess where I ate last night).

Love you guys.


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