14 febrero 2011.

14 Feb

Dear family and friends.

This week has been fun. We’ve worked hard and were able to have a baptism on Sunday, which is super refreshing. I bought pop tarts and root beer today, found a place to buy them that’s not actually far from my house. Things are going very well, I’m enjoying my time with Elder Reyes a ton, and living it up. Thinking about starting a Bible study class as a way to find new investigators.

I love you guys so much. This gospel is true. Apply the principles our Savior has taught us in your lives and you will have more happiness. The equation is simple. The practice, not so simple. Take care, and enjoy the photos.

859 – District of Actopan and Ixmiquilpan.
871 – The Guerrero Martinez family.
877 – This is only going to be funny to mom and dad, probably.
884 – The Book of Mormon is true.


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