21 febrero 2011.

21 Feb

Dear family and friends,

My companion said to me one day last week (in English), “I’m hungry. I need one bread.” I laughed so hard, we went and bought doughnuts, and we continued working. It made me wonder if I sound like that still to the people here. I think it’s probably true.

Before anything else, I want to wish Hanna a wonderful birthday. She’s turning nine this year, I think. :P

Has anyone heard anything about Erik Anderson? He’s got to have a pouch address right? (wink wink pass it to me)

So we were walking through a tiny little town the other day and I cracked up randomly (it happens a lot). This time it was because we had come to the big intersection of the town and the businesses there were named ‘Stoplight’ and ‘Intersection.’ They sold treats and paint or something like that.

The work is going well here, and we’re having so much fun. We were a little bummed this week when only one person came with us to church, but we’re not beaten yet! I love being here and doing what God has called me to do. Take care, and have some fun this week.


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