28 febrero 2011.

28 Feb

Dear family and friends.

I’ve attached a few fotos because we got to have a great experience this week. Last monday we went to some caves called Xoxafi (show-shaw-fee), and it was great to climb around, crawl, and basically do a bunch of acrobatics that made me feel like a ballerina in one of those laser mazes like in the action movies.

We do have to work too, though (bummer, huh?). This week we spent a lot of time with a guy named Oscar. He’s a barber and we usually teach him right in his business when there’s not any people around. He’s been really fun to watch because at first he resisted reading the book of Mormon, but now that he’s doing it, there’s finally starting to be a change in his life. He’s stopped drinking coffee, but he has a couple other problems we have to help him with before he can be baptised.

His cousin, Claudia, is absolutely awesome. She’s probably like 35, but she’s never been married and still has a really sassy attitude. It’s really fun for us to teach her because she knows it’s true but doesn’t want to commit to anything, so we’re always ragging on her. It’s taken me quite longer than it should have to realize that every person we teach is entirely different, and that some people you play with and some people you chide and some people you simply guide. It makes me want to study more how the Savior taught different people.

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the Wave. I did know what it is because I really wanted to go when Mom and Dad took us down there a couple years ago. I’m super jealous of your snow; I think I got a sunburn playing volleyball today.

Don’t worry Mom. I’m singing lots.
Elder Speer.

907 – In the caves.
920 – The mouth of the cave.
925 – We may or may not have played teeter totter after. In spanish it’s called ‘Up, Down.’
928 – Some awesome trees that we found in a little pueblo.
931 – Spongebob’s van.
934 – The Bautista family. Their profession is baking doughnuts.


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