7 marzo 2011.

7 Mar

Family and friends.

This week has been hectic in all senses of the word. I’m going to say a few quick things, and let the pictures do the talking after that because I have a lot to do today!

Happy birthday to Alysha. I hope you have a great time at the girl’s night and also at Prom. By the way, in my opinion, you’re still not old enough for prom so… haha. Just don’t go thinking you can start having boyfriends yet. :P

I wanted to say thanks for that package mom. The valentines day cookies almost made me cry again. I think I actually did the first time I got them at BYU. The Motab Men cd is way good; have you listened to it before?

We had a root beer float party last night with some members. After the party we asked them all if they liked it or not. Most didn’t, which mom attributes to the fact that they have a lot of root beer flavored medicines here. Many claim it tastes like toothpaste. There was at least one that liked it though; Sonia from the picture attached.

Dad, you are crazy. All that work for an extra window. When I get home I’m going to sit by it a lot and read with it’s light so that it’s worth it, haha.

The work is pressing forward well. We’ve been working with a few teenagers lately. Luis is doing really well; he’s from the US and speaks great English. Elizabeth and Tonio have the worlds greatest grandma, who, even though she seems content in the Catholic church is supporting them in their studies with us and loves to have us over. She has a couple special children that are lots of fun because they’re always smiling and they’re always doing something silly (like brushing their hair for an hour or scratching their leg). Makes me miss Grandma and also think of how blessed we are to learn from these people that are here simply for our benefit.

We still can’t convince Samuel Bautista to come to church, even though he’s one of the coolest guys we’ve met. There’s also a tortas guy that used to work right in front of the temple and honks when he sees us and all that but doesn’t want to talk about religion for anything. People are funny.

I’ve been changed again. My new area is called Villas de la Hacienda and is super close to the mission offices. This is my first chance to be in the state and also a great opportunity to lose some more weight in an area of pure hills. Wish me luck!

980 – My new comp, Elder Moreno.
948 – I am about to eat 30 tacos to try and set a record.
953 – I didn’t make it, haha. Maybe another night.
968 – With the Hermano Yufen.
975 – Elder Reyes, me, Yufen, and Sonia. Y & S are members that always helped us with the work.
977 – Filiberto, Angelica, me, Mitzy, and Fili. We baptised Mitzy a few weeks ago. The rest of her family are members.
979 – On the bus to my new area. There was also one that said Please Don’t Raise Youn Feet and another one that said Complains or Suggestions.

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