14 marzo 2011.

14 Mar

Dear family and friends.

I love my new area. Mom says she can’t find it, so to any google mappers out there, try Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de Mexico. I can be found in a little colony called Ejidos de San Miguel. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Things are great here. Tons of hills, lots of work, and lots of fun. I’m right next to the offices now, so I can go whenever I want. (yeees). One of the hills we climb daily has a hundred and thirty eight steps of stairs for those who prefer to walk instead of drive. It’s quite a hike.

My comp is great. I could tell you how great he is, but you’ll appreciate his quirks more. So here’s this week’s quirk: He ironed his jeans this morning to go play football in.

Mom: Yes, everything you sent got here. I would assume when you said that ‘all the missionaries got accounted for’ you mean that Elder Anderson is ok? That’s what I’m hoping to hear.

Also, we have some way awesome investigators here. Aron is a huge naturalist; he stood and complained for about twenty minutes when he saw that one house was letting some water run down the street. I think he has about fifteen dogs and all he does all day is care for them. Salvador prayed the first time I met him that God would permit him to join ‘this true church that is thine.’ Irma is great too, but she’s been sick lately so we’ve been worried about how we’re going to get her to church.

Everything’s great guys. Take care, ok?


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