28 marzo 2011.

28 Mar

Dear family and friends,

I love you all. I have found myself in a tight situation for time again and will send you mostly photos.

A funny thing about Mexico is that toys come in seasons. There’s trompo season (a kind of top that you throw with a string), pog season, marble season, and one other toy that I’m not sure what it is yet. I haven’t been here for that season but it’s coming up soon.

Things have gone well this week. We were able to take one kid named Kevin to church; he loved it. We’ve also been helping out some recent converts who are kids that their moms don’t want to go to church. So it’s been funny because we go to church with like seven kids every week. This week they fought about why each others parents didn’t go, haha.

All in all, life is great. God has visited us. We’re happy, healthy, and living la vida loca.
Take care.

foto – the long awaited photo of my arm covered in poop and my other arm covered in boils. This happened about four or five weeks ago for those who don’t know the story.
1025 – I just thought the semi truck full of bumpers was funny.
1023 – Our current district, minus the zone leaders.


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