4 abril 2011.

5 Apr

Dear Family and Friends,

Due to the fact that I didn’t take any photos this week, I’m going to have to write you guys a good letter.

A funny thing that happened last week is that I went to see some other missionaries early in the morning. Well, not too early– it was eight o’clock and we always get up at 6:30. When Elder Moreno and I got there, they were still in pajamas. I asked what was up, and learned an awesome new spanish phrase ‘hoy, se nos pegaron las sábanas’ which basically means ‘The covers stuck to us today.’ I laughed so hard, and we got back to business, but it was another funny little phrase to learn. My vocabulary still isn’t that great, but I’ve been focusing a lot more on phrases for the last month or so and I’m having a great time.

I had to laugh when I heard from Megan about her Zumba classes because Zumba is all the rage here! There must be a zumba club on every other street, and at all hours of the day they can be heard blasting music, counting, and clapping, and who knows what else. Just wanted yall to know that it’s not just the US that’s hitting the zumba craze.

We went to an excellent taco place the other night. They asked us what we wanted, grabbed a ball of tortilla dough, rolled and pressed out the tortilla, made it right there, and then cooked the meat! These things are delicious. Definitely going to come back to this place in a couple years when I finish college and become a rich choir teacher.

I don’t know how many of you heard the General Conference this past weekend. If anyone saw Elder De Hoyos, he’s an area presidency from Mexico and I’ve met him. Watching conference this week also made me miss dad because we always were doing some project during the Saturday sessions. Usually it was transplanting plants or building something. I love you, Dad. Your catching a thief story made me smile as I imagined you pinning the guy down and maybe showing him your dukes.

One great thing about Conference is that we’re always able to have a good experience with our investigators. This week we took Sonia and her daughters to church. One of the daughters has a terminal disease and will only live five or six more years. We’re trying to teach them the importance of the Plan of Salvation, what their family has to do to be sealed for eternity and live with eachother after this life. It’s been a beautiful experience.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Honoria, who we thought we were helping to cheer up her life and not commit suicide. We don’t know what happened, but she doesn’t want to hear from us anymore and wouldn’t go to the conference. A common belief here is that you can’t go to a different church because that would be like playing games with religion. It’s sooo hard to explain that it’s not a game, that they have to come to the church and know what it is to be able to make a decision on whether the church is true and ask God if it’s right. It’s something we couldn’t help Honoria understand, and is very saddening when it happens.

Take care, pórtense bien, and I’ll see you guys next week.


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