11 abril 2011.

11 Apr

Dear family and friends,

This week was tiring, haha. Last monday, after writing, we went ice skating and bowling– serious blast from the past. I remembered how much fun it was to go skating in montana as a kid, and made sure to tell people that ‘in montana, we skate on lakes.‘ haha.

Happy birthday wishes to David, Brian, Terra, Tyler, and I don’t know who else! This is one of the crazyest birthday weeks of the year; second crazyest being the end of august. I hope you are well, that you eat something delicious, and that you do something fun.

Which brings me to the fun thing I did this P-day. We went to a place called Teotihuacan (good luck pronouncing that, mom!) to see some ancient pyramids and temples. The museum was gorgeous, and they let us hike up the pyramids, but they wouldn’t let us go in the temples. Elder Gomez went in last year and he said there’s some real interesting stuff– like a baptismal font, and religious art. I’ve attached a few fotos this week so you can get the gist of what we saw.

Believe it or not, I’m actually working, too. We’ve been in a lot of divisions this week, which usually means less sleep and cold showers. Things went well, but we have to step it up if we want to keep having the success we have been. This week Honoria asked us for an appointment again but then wasn’t home. Elder Moreno and my old comp Elder Mortensen took some people to the Visitor’s Center of the Mexico City Temple; that is always a beautiful experience.

This week I get to go to the temple here for the first time. I’m really looking forward to it because I haven’t entered a temple in 8 months. What peace and joy that is going to bring.

Haven’t forgotten you guys. I hope you are well, that you’re behaving (alysha), and I can’t wait to see you again. Take care.

1094 – Partway up Pirámide de la luna, looking out at P del sol.
1034 – Elder Gomez and I.
1051 – My kind of cereal bowl.
1065 – We’re at the top of an overlook in front of the temple. Behind us is P del sol.
1075 – Me in front of P del sol.
1081 – On top of P del sol, looking at P de la luna.
1086 – In front of P de la luna.
1092 – I think the Nephites died out before they finished this one part…

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