18 abril 2011.

19 Apr

Dear family and friends,

I had some fun this week. From the photos, you’ll see that I went to the temple and also ate some crazy tacos. Elder Moreno left and I’m training for the third time; Elder Mirón is from Veracruz, he’s got a brother and two sisters, and he worked as a welder.

I don’t know if I mentioned Cecilia. She’s all ready to get baptised this Sunday and actually cancelled a family vacation to be able to do it. Sonia’s family (the girl with the terminal disease) is doing amazing, but they had a lot of questions about the word of wisdom, and it looks like they don’t want to give up coffee. It’s honestly quite surprising how many people drink coffee here. (and how difficult it is for me to write coffee instead of café.)

Mom mentioned that other missionaries were having difficult weeks too, and it seems to be the case in the whole world. Your prayers are much appreciated, because Satan is starting to get riled up and he’s pulling out all he’s got. Good thing is, God’s tougher. Thank you for your concern and love.

Take care, will ya? I miss you all. Here’s a couple fotos to keep your stomachs churning.

1105 – Elder Mortensen at his best.
1106 – Moreno, Estrada, Garrido, Yo, Hull.
1108 – This is what a cumbi looks like. 16 of us squished into this thing to go to the temple.
1121 – For the temple is the house of God.
1134 – Moreno, Gomez, y Mortensen in a taqueria.
1136 – Intestines, Chest, Tongue, Brains.
1138 – Eyeball, Nose, and regular pork.
1143 – Elder Mirón and I. Third son, woohoo!

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