25 abril 2011.

25 Apr

Dear family and friends.

This week has been a great one. I got to know Elder Mirón a lot better, and I’ve been in divisions a bunch with Elder Gomez and Elder Mortensen. It’s been a week of great company, and great accomplishments.

One of our ‘key indicators’ here is how many people have a fecha… I mean, baptism date. I put the easiest fecha ever this week when an hermano asked our investigator what day he was going to get baptised. Honestly, I was dreading the response because we hadn’t even talked about baptism yet. ‘Two weeks from now,’ he said.

Things also went well with a single mother we found named Susana. We were behind and got to her house late on Sunday to take her to church. She wasn’t home! The door was locked with a chain and a (crap, I don’t remember the word. It’s like a masterlock but you use a key, not a combination. don’t laugh at me but I almost put ‘deadlock’). Anyway, so we left for church all depressed. Half an hour after we get there, she shows up. We went over to her and asked how she was and how she got there… apparently she left because she thought we weren’t going to arrive and went to two other churches before she showed up at ours. Wow!

This coming week looks quite promising. Excited to complete my first year on Thursday and also have some other good experiences. Take care, guys!

1145 – It’s been raining, and my feet get wet. This solution actually didn’t help much.
1149 – Elder Mirón and I are hard working missionaries.
1155 – Elder Gomez…. is the bomb. I don’t know how else to title this foto.
1160 – ‘My back is getting all sweaty.’
1165 – Elder Gomez and I at a member’s house. We watched the Joseph Smith movie that just came out on DVD.
1169 – I’m pretty sure a hot dog just walked by.


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