2 mayo 2011.

2 May

Dear guys,

It was a difficult and a rewarding week. We struggled to find new people to teach all week, and in the end, we didn’t get any of them to church. However, Susanna, the single mom we talked about last week, and Conchitas, an aging woman who’s been investigating the church for years now, both went and are right on track. An eleven year old named Kevin has been going to church every week now for more than double the time he has to in order to get baptized. I think we’re going to have to let him; he’s been begging since the first week :P His parents will allow it, but naturally we’re worried about who’s going to take him to church when we’re not around to do it.

I passed my year mark this week, and thus the traditional burning of a shirt. It might have been more efficient to burn some raggedy socks, but, tradition’s tradition! Excited for another year of good fulfilling work.

April, thanks for your email. I’m glad that everyone had a happy easter… I didn’t realize until the day after that it was easter; here, they call it holy week and they have a bunch of interesting (and somewhat radical) practices. For example, nailing people to crosses and leaving them for a while. My companion and I stayed far away from all the cross sites, haha.

I hope you all are well and that you enjoy your week. I’m gonna go find some new people to teach…

1077 – I think I have more pictures with this guy now than with Megan… haha.
1175 – Elder Hernandez was my first zone leader. Now he’s leaving :'(
1180 – I reached my year mark.
1186 – There it goes!
1188 – Swiss Family Robinson house, Mexico style.


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