16 mayo 2011.

16 May

Dear Family and friends:

This week has been insane. I’ve gone to the heart of Mexico city several times with Elder Mortensen, Conchita and Kevin got baptised (Susana’s been hiding from us) and we found some excellent new people to teach (not that we’re not all excellent people).

We’ve been visiting with a guy that looks exactly like Tom Ross, the father of a childhood family friend in Missoula. It made me miss the Rosses and wonder if Tom speaks Spanish and he’s here in disguise. I would believe it, because this guy is super intelligent, just like the Ross family.

Here’s a translation of the letter i sent you the other week; seeing as Google Translate didn’t help as much as we always hope it does…

This week I felt too lazy to write you in English. It’s difficult for me to speak in English now, can you believe that?
Well, this week we worked like dogs (we worked really hard), but we’re not finding a lot of new people to teach. Elder Miron is a pro teacher, he’s been helping me. I’ve always loved being with new Elders because they leave the MTC ready to work.
What do i tell you… If all goes well, Susana (the one who showed up alone to church two weeks ago) and Conchita (the old lady that sells herbalife) will be baptized this Saturday. Conchita is way cool… We explained to her that she can’t drink tea anymore because it hurts her body, and she said ‘Alright, I won’t drink it anymore then’ without complaining or anything. Usually it’s a battle to convince people that they should follow the word of wisdom, but she easily accepted it.
Elder Mortensen is going to die for sure. He has a parasite, and because he didn’t go to the doctor from the beginning, his intestines got all smooth and for that reason he always has diarrhea. Well, he’s not going to die, but yes, he’s really sick.
With these thoughts I’ll leave you, haha.
With Love, Elder Speer.

40 Nothing. Just a cool red sun. This happens a lot because of the pollution.
41 Tortas cubanas! This is what I’m going to miss about Mexico.
45 My companion is a graffiti artist. He told me that he used to walk around with four spray paint cans in his backpack at all times. The caption says ‘We walk together, We work together, always baptising’
52 Elder Mortensen dying in the taxi to DF.


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