23 mayo 2011.

23 May

Dear family and friends,

This was a good week. Well. It was good and bad. Good in that I had a ton of fun. Bad in that we couldn’t get our investigators to church. They all disappeared! One good thing that happened is that David told me I’ll be able to find Cubanas. I’m hoping to start a torta stand when I get home; that might pay for college, right? Another good thing is that I don’t think I’ll be going to DF anytime soon… I’m taking a break! Here’s some photos to keep yall busy while I think of what to write next week.

PS. Felicidades, Alysha!

58 – That’s right. I still eat my burgers with fries in them. Especially my whoppers.
63 – Although this only has a cash value of 2000 US dollars, it’s worth about 6000 delicious tacos.
64 – Elder Mortensen is tired from being almost dead all the time.
70 – We didn’t have light, so I made a lamp.
75 – Me with future Elder Angeles.
99 – It’s the new style. In two years everyone will be doing it.


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