6 junio 2011.

6 Jun

Dear family and friends,

First of all, a great big thank you to those of you that wrote this week. I’m sorry that I can’t always send a direct response, but know that I appreciate hearing about you, I do read them, and I hope you are doing great. It was sad to hear that Cloud died; now I wouldn’t feel all that great making barbecue Penny when I got home because she’s the only mama left. And April and Alene look great with their bellies! Anyone who doesn’t know what that means should facebook stalk them; that photo’s bound to be on fb.

The week went well. Elder Sandoval is fabulous; I’m learning a ton from him. He finishes his mission in August, and it’s highly probable that I stay here with him, then with one more companion and leave the first Monday in October. So I’m back in Querétaro for a while, and loving it. México is different in every state, and Querétaro is definitely where I would come back to. It’s a great atmosphere, the people are friendly, the city’s better planned, etc. Hopefully, I’ll get to see some old converts and members while I’m here; they only live about 20 minutes from where I am now.

A funny thing that happened this week: We were eating with a sister, and she asked my comp what things his mom made for him to eat that he didn’t like, but had to eat anyway. He said that his mom had always asked him what he wanted. So one of her kids shouts out ‘See?? Ask me.’

Other funny thing: A kid was telling me that he knows a few English words. He said he knows ‘I don’t know, what, y no sé cual más’ (and I don’t know what else).

Something I learned this week in church: Here in Mexico, it seems like they don’t have Bishop’s storehouses. But they know that each Bishop has one. So the teacher was explaining that the Bishop’s ‘storage’ was the members– that each member has something to share. A truck, electricity talents, etc. They don’t have bishops storage here; they ARE the bishop’s storage. I found that really uplifting.

I hope everything went well for you all this week. I’ll be writing again soon. Love you.


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