13 junio 2011.

14 Jun

Dear family and friends.

This week has been excellent. Lots of divisions, lots of fun experiences.

A funny thing that happened this week: We were in a member home when they decided to do their family home evening. It was the ten year olds turn to give the class, and the topic was prophets. He had obviously not planned out the lesson, and at one point said ‘Various prophets have written in the scriptures.’ He flipped open his bible to the contents page. ‘Some examples are the prophets Genesis, Exodus…’ We all burst out laughing, but he is a good sport and just continued giving the lesson.

I was telling a missionary in my zone that our front yard in Missoula was practically a forest because we didn’t rake up the pine needles or cones. I then proceeded to tell him about the time Alysha stepped on the garden rake that I had carefully hidden in the pine needles (to protect the home from robbers, obviously). Alysha, I don’t think you ever knew that was me, but it was. Also the time your toothpaste was all messy and you got in big trouble because you were supposed to keep it clean. Yes, that was me too. Baha.

My mission president finishes his mission in the coming weeks and would like to invite you Utahns to his ‘homecoming’ talk. It will be on the 17th of July, at 9am in the Murray 33rd ward. He’s pretty certain that the building is located near 1000 W 5900 S.

I think I wrote you about this, Megan, so sorry that you will get this story twice when you receive the letter. But I wanted to talk about a lady that was all ready to get baptised when I got here. She had been taught everything, was excited, went to her interview and all. Her son, who had been baptised about a month earlier, was going to do the ordinance. He got sick, though, and wasn’t going to be able to baptize his mom, in fact, he wasn’t even going to be able to go. We told her that it was ok if she waited, that she didn’t have to worry about doing it that day. She said ‘No, I’m going to do it. The important thing isn’t who does it, it’s that I get baptised, right?’ Well, yeah…. haha. And after we tried to convince her, we took her to church and they did it again, but nobody could. She kept saying, ‘The important thing is that I make my promise with God.’ I was like, You are awesome. haha.

Well, that’s it for the week. Felicidades, April for your boy, too! I’m telling everyone that I have nine nieces and nephews, ‘soon to be eleven,’ I always add. Take care, and I love you all.

173 – My MTC district back together again. Well, the four of us that came to Mexico City.
174 – I just liked this.


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