27 junio 2011.

27 Jun

Dear family and friends.
It finally started to rain this week (see photo), which means that we have to keep our books wrapped up in plastic sacks and take care where we walk. Less people want to invite us into their houses when we are soaking wet, which is honestly the opposite of what I thought would happen. The nice thing is that it’s super refreshing; it’s a warm rain, so I have been enjoying it quite a lot.

Alene, I’m sorry to say I have not been to Tepito, nor do I think I will be able to go. Tepito has a lot of cool reviews in magazines and stuff, but what they usually don’t mention is that it’s controlled by violent gangs that are not ashamed to do whatever it takes to keep police, etc out of their territory. It’s not a very safe place for a white guy who talks funny, haha. (Also, it’s outside of the mission and we have it strictly off limits.)

We’ve been teaching a little girl named Paola, the daughter of a less active member. She’s great! Super smart, and loves to do the readings we leave her. So that’s been a nice contrast with Marcia, who I think I wrote about recently. She actually dropped us this week, tried to give the books back and everything. There’s a little bit of everything in the mission.

I hope you all are well, and I’ll be writing again soon (hopefully with more photos next time). Love yall.

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