4 julio 2011.

4 Jul

Dear family and friends.

What an interesting week it has been. Elder Sandoval and I got along some days, and other days we just walk around together. Then God usually steps in and lets us know who’s mission we’re really on.

For example, Friday afternoon we had a little bit of a falling out. Saturday when I got out of bed, I was just not in the mood to be with him at all. We hadn’t done the normal daily plan, so there was nothing in the agenda for the day, but we left the house anyway and started walking. I just followed him for the first three or four hours. We went one place, they weren’t there, another place, they weren’t there either. At one point, Elder Sandoval pulled out an annotated ward list that we have and started to look at it. And look at it. And look at it. For about ten minutes. So I went and sat down on a bench and was looking at the sky, just thinking about how we were going to solve our unity problem and get on with the day. While we’re doing this, a little family of four comes up to us and starts to tell us that they’re Catholics but are looking for another church. They’ve seen the temple in downtown Mexico City and are interested in going to church. Ok, we said. We’ll come by for you tomorrow at 9:30 to go to church. And we did.

That afternoon, we went to see some recent converts, and three more members of the family agreed to go to church with us. We sent a text message to another investigator and she told us that she was going to come, and that she was going to bring a friend. Yesterday, we got home from church and went to give a blessing to a nonmember who lives in a member family, and he told us ‘I know now that God wants me to get baptised and go to church, so I’m willing to do whatever you guys tell me.’

I don’t know what’s going on because you would think we would be chastised for being upset instead of being blessed. Sometimes I think God blesses us just because he wants us to know that he still cares about us and still loves us, even if we’ve done something wrong and we’re beating ourselves up. Our heavenly father knows what we feel and what we think, and he’ll always be there to comfort us when we ask him, and sometimes, even when we don’t.

On a side note, Alysha. My companion says he loves ‘gueritas con cabello rojo’ (white girls with red hair) so I might pass him your info, haha.

April and Alene, I’m in Querétaro again so I’ll probably hike the Peña de la Bernal again. Just to make you jealous.

Hoping you all are well, I love you so much and will write again soon.


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