11 julio 2011.

11 Jul

Dear family and friends. This was an excellent week. I think I may have forgotten to tell you that we have a new mission president. His name is President Call; he came to visit our zone this past week. A very spiritual man from Colonia Juarez in Chihuahua.

Martha got baptised this week. She has been such an amazing person to teach. When we met her, she told us how she teaches classes on bettering one’s self and how we become happier people. Then she started to ask us about what the church does to help people overcome addictions and family problems and the like. Since then, it’s been so entertaining to just go to her house, answer her questions (she has a million) teach her something briefly, and head on out. We’re so proud of her, she’s going to be really strong in the church.

219 – A member family took us out to eat these giant pizzas! 222 – The district before these last changes. Elder Huerta (two to my right, you may remember his name from when I was in Actopan) is the district leader.
225 – ‘Sister Garcia, thanks for lunch. Wake me up in half an hour.’
226 – Sorry for the inconvenience, you jump a lot, thank you. Welcome to the trampoline, ok?
229 – I was too chicken to cross it standing up.


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