18 julio 2011.

18 Jul

Dear family and friends.

This has been a pretty fun week (do I say that every week?)

Anyway, so what we did this week. Actually, not a lot. We had a lot of stuff to do with the zone and so we were literally running around everywhere to try and give interviews, distribute new cell phones, sign for my visa so I can be legal, etc.

We also had a fun little meeting with our Stake Pres and with a high counselman that is from France, speaks great English, and impeccable Spanish. I was astounded, haha. Obviously, I know that those amazing people exist, but there aren’t that many of them.

Martha and Paola got confirmed this week. It was a pretty special experience. We’re so happy for them.

I have to go so I’ll send a few pics. Love you guys so much.

243 – The zone playing The Human Knot
247 – Bored in the zone meeting (Sandoval was dragging a bit)
252 – I’m starving man.
253 – Mmm.
254 – After taking that picture I killed like eight more and a fly.


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