25 julio 2011.

25 Jul

Dear family and friends:

I have some funny things to tell you this week.

The first thing is the FUA. If you haven’t heard of the fua, watch this video: (http://youtu.be/KeLRhkbs6tA). The guy is saying, basically, that the fua is energy inside you, it’s your character, and when you shout it, you’re pulling that energy out. There’s one part where he’s like ‘I can’t, I can’t. What? Of course I can, FUA FUA FUA’ Obviously, he’s completely drunk, but it’s become a huge hit in Mexico and a symbol of an I Can attitude. We’ve seen this video about 20 times in the last two weeks because every member shows it to us. We’re like ‘yeah we’ve seen it’ and they’re just like oh well, and we all have to watch it again. So I thought you needed to know that because it probably hasn’t gotten famous in the US.

We were talking with one sister, and she was telling us about when her daughter found out the wise men aren’t real (here they have wise men instead of santa). She said her daughter opened up the christmas present and that they were shirts but she didn’t like them and started to say things about them, that they were ugly and she was never gonna put them on, etc, etc. So the mom got way offended and her daughter wouldn’t stop saying stuff so she screams “I’m the dang wise man!!” I tried to imagine that happening in my family and it made me laugh.

One brother in our ward does audio commercials. They are so great. It reminds me of dad always listening to that one smooth jazz channel just because he liked the announcer. This guy was saying versatility like 40 times in one of the commercials he showed us. “versatilidad. versatilidad. VERSATILIDAD. veeeeeersatilidad.” It was so funny. For me anyways.

Last funny story and then I’ll try to think of a spiritual one, haha. We frequently walk into someone’s home and see them watching tv. Obviously, we don’t sit down and watch tv, but we’ve seen enough for me to notice that the commercials of all sugary products here, coke, twinkies, etc have the lettering at the bottom of the screen “Haz deporte” which is like saying, “play sports.” At first I thought it was just one commercial, but now that I’ve been here for a year I’ve seen it several times. So next time you give your kid a candy bar be like “play sports” and maybe he’ll get the idea.

This week we had to tell Arturo (a guy who is always sick) that the reason he isn’t getting better and no doctors can help him is because he won’t go to church. We talked about the story of Naaman from the bible and how he had leprosy and had to wash himself in the disgusting river Jordan. We told him that at first, Naaman chose to be prideful and not do it because it didn’t sound to him like the kind of medical or miraculous remedy he needed, but when he humbled himself to do what the prophet had said, he was healed. Hopefully Arturo got the idea. I’ll tell ya next week.

Also, Arturo went to church for the first time in a long time this week. He asked us on the way in when his baptism would be. We told him he could get baptised this Thursday if he wanted (because he’s been a lot before and already knows the drill) and he was like, What? I wanna get baptised today! I told him that he still had to learn a few more things and he was like no way, let’s get it over with, mexican style! Oh, missionaries love experiences like this.

Love you guys so much. I’ve been missing you a lot this week, both the fam, and you friends. Take care, and we’ll talk soon.


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