1 agosto 2011.

1 Aug

Dear family and friends.

If there was an excellent week, this one was it. Lots of great spiritual experiences. Elder Ton came with me on divisions and we found a man who was going to get baptised a few years ago but the sister missionaries were changed and for some reason, lost contact with him. A lady came to church Sunday without ever having seen one before simply because she felt the spirit when she stood in front of the building. We gave a blessing to a woman who just had a baby and was really sick. It was just… nice.

On top of all that, we got to see some special people that you may remember from when I began my mission. Pepe and Nadia, a young couple that we helped get married all those months ago, had their first child this week, a baby girl. Seeing them, and Pepe’s mom, was a great blessing. One thing that is super rewarding is to see someone that you think you may have helped in some small way, and see that they are doing well and continue progressing in the gospel. It made me so happy to see their little girl and think that maybe Elder Arredondo and I did some good in the world after all.

Sad things always come with happy moments. We had to send a missionary home this week for continued disobedience. To me, what he did seemed like a very small thing to get sent home and have your life impacted for, but I guess he had a history and it was too much. It made me really sad.

I hope you are all doing so well. I love you so much. Take care this week.


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