22 agosto 2011.

22 Aug

Dear family and friends.

This week elder Sandoval went home. He finished his mission yesterday and by the time you get this will be home safely in Michoacan.

Between all the goodbye parties and dinners and such, we have had very little time this week. Among our accomplishments, a handful of baptismal interviews for other Elders, we received some excellent referrals for new people to teach, and well, ate great. Ok so that’s not all we did. I think.

A merry birthday to all the birthdays this week. I’m afraid to mention you by name because I might miss someone, haha. So happy birthday to April, Alene, Abbey, and Dad (Allen). All of those Awesome A names with their birthdays in August. And anyone else I may have left out.

New companion: Elder Martinez. I don’t know a lot about him, although I’ve seen him several times. He’s chubby, short, and always talks in a soft voice. He’s coming in from a place called Valle del Mezquital (I think that means valley of little pine trees) which is the stake I was in while I was in Actopan. (mom, did you ever learn how to say that? Haha).

A little tidbit, by the way. You may remember that my comp in Actopan was Elder Mortensen. He drove me nuts when he was my companion, but later he left Actopan and we met up again in Tepalcapa stake in the state of Mexico where he was in my district. Well, now he’s followed me to Queretaro and he’s going to be in my zone. This guy is following me everywhere. Good thing we get along now.

I hope you are all fabulous. Things are going well here, and the change of companion is always an exciting opportunity to learn and grow with someone new. Take care.

311 – Alright. In this picture it’s not so true, but that little girl looks a ton like Hanna in real life. PS Her mom’s birthday is 4 December.
314 – Jill letting Elder Sandoval listen to a little bit of mexican comedy.
315 – Our Bishop and his wife. They made us delicious hamburgers.
317 – Fabiola was super hungry.
318 – Elder Sandoval on his last morning here. The shoes and suit are brand new.
320 – “Let’s take our last picture together” “Oh Speer, don’t have a breakdown.”


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