5 septiembre 2011.

5 Sep

Dear family and friends.

What an interesting week it has been. All Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were in meetings, so we didn’t really accomplish much. My bum’s tired of sitting and my hand’s tired of taking notes– it was like general conference without two hour breaks, haha.

Sarahi is still progressing. She loves the church and has a ton of friends. We couldn’t find a ride for her yesterday so we went to her house to take her on the bus, and another one of the young women, Nancy, just shows up and says that she’s there to take her to church. When we got there, Nancy and Sarahi were just arriving; they went to their classes together all day and we didn’t have to worry about them.

Arturo, the guy we were teaching about two months back that’s always sick, accepted another date and is now going to go back to church. He prayed and asked God for a sign that he should get baptized, and the bishop showed up. He took it as his sign (they’d been asking the bishop to go to their house for two years). Yesterday, though, he didn’t go to church because he was on some kind of IV and didn’t want to take the bag to church with him, haha.

Elder Watson is in Valle del Mezquital, which is where I was with Elder Mortensen and Elder Reyes from December to February. His zone leaders say he’s doing great; I haven’t seen him yet.

Take care everyone. Love you guys!

335 – it tried to kill me. Pretty sure I’m going to turn into spiderman. 344 – Elder Mortensen…. again!
346 – Poncho. this kid is cool. And he looked funny with that coke bottle.
357 – I took this pic mostly for mom and for Megan. This painting is in three d. The sister who made it painted individual layers of cellophane and spaced them on top of each other to create it, although I think you can’t really appreciate the effect from the photo.


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