12 septiembre 2011.

12 Sep

Family and friends.

Wow. It was a fabulous week. After several uneventful weeks (in the way of saving ordinances) we were able to see baptisms again. I like dressing in white.

Arturo fulfilled many family dreams when he nervously entered the font on Saturday. His parents have been super worried about him for the last several years as he’s fallen into alcoholism, drugs, and other destructive habits. He got sick, was humbled, and really turned his life around. Alicia, Arturo’s mom, was elated to see her son join the church, and his dad, who isn’t LDS, was almost in tears because he recognized the changes his son has made.

Sarahi also was a family miracle; yesterday afternoon she brought her separated parents back together as we all laughed a little at the overflowing baptismal font and the frantic members grabbing mops to save their institute manuals. That girl makes friends with everyone; about fifty people tied to cram into the little multipurpose room where we do baptisms, and they’ve only known her for three weeks. At least there were lots of helpers to clean up the flooded chapel!

It’s going to be a few weeks before we get to do this again because right now we don’t have any prospectives in teaching, but we’re so grateful that God let us see a little success and that he’s helping out he zone. Right now all the missionaries are having success an it’s been such a blessing. I hope you all are well. Love you all.

373 – Memo and Aaron, two friends from Peñuelas, which is where I started the mission. 374 – “Elders, I signed up to feed you on Friday, but I’m not going to be at home. Can I just give you money to eat out?”
375 – Hna. Zarate brought us our lunch to church on Saturday because we were there with the President. We love her, haha.
383 – Whoops……


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