19 septiembre 2011.

21 Sep


You guys are cool. This week, I just want to say thanks.

We are people. Almost all people think of other people as people, but not as individuals who also think and feel. We all think inside our brains about our lives and our problems and our goals and our futures. We’re all at least a little selfish, because our thoughts, the majority of the time, are about our own concerns.

Why am I saying this? I don’t know. It’s been on my mind today. It goes to show that I’m selfish because I’m telling you what I would like to say instead of what you need or want to hear. We’re all like that.

This week, I was doing a baptismal interview for a guy named Jose Luis. He answered all the questions right– well, right in the sense that he was prepared for baptism– but he didn’t look very elated or anything. I didn’t know how to ask him tactfully so I just kinda blurted out, “what’s wrong? You don’t look very good.” He told me that he had separated with his wife a year earlier, that he wanted to be with her again but that she wasn’t willing to go back with him. He explained that the arrival of the elders was a sign and that he needed to better his relationship with God. He wanted God to give him a miracle– that his family would get back together. He was getting baptized because he wanted a miracle in return.

This was a real teaching moment. This wasn’t a moment for talking pretty or for flitting scripture pages around in search of an easy way out. Jose Luis didn’t understand why he needed to get baptized, but he was going to do it.

We are people. We understand things because we have learned them. Often we think that we can explain those things, and we can, but are we understood? The key to learning is understanding. The key to teaching is being truly understood. The learner shouldn’t simply comprehend what we say, but really understand how, what, why.

So thanks, guys. You’re cool, like I said. Maybe this letter doesn’t mean anything to you but it did me good to write it. Just goes to show I’m a people. We’re all people.

Elder Speer.

408 – my comp’s parents own a chain of sushi restaurants. This isn’t their sushi, but we bought it because he was craving it, haha.


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